Our MDS Suite of Services


We offer two options, based on a facility’s needs to help maintain or elevate current star ratings based upon the care being provided.

  • Option A provides a review of your monthly Casper report and ensures quality measures are being reported accurately. Monthly conference calls to educate and keep staff aware are held between our consultants and your team.
  • Option B is an interactive approach, which works with the entire team from a policy and care perspective to help prevent triggers and elevate the quality of care related to QM.


Short-term staffing and ongoing MDS services are available. We provide training to new staff and potential coordinators to keep each facility running smoothly and up to date in the event of a change in any department related to MDS.


We provide education on topics, including MDS coding, PDPM, CMI, ADL scoring, Quality Measures, HMO Case Management, etc.


Hospital Record Review
We lighten the load of your coordinators by manually reviewing your records in their current form within 24-48 hours of admission on all PDPM related items. Our findings are delivered concisely to your coordinators and our consultants remain available for questions and clarifications as needed.

Chart Review
We interact with your clinical team to identify patient-related trends and systems to help strengthen your facilities’ documentation and services to the residents. We cover multiple areas for Med A patients on a weekly basis to identify changes/findings and education on the various parts of PDPM. At the end of each month, we review the UB-04s prior to billing to ensure that each claim
is accurately billed to Medicare.

We are more than MDS consultants,
we are your partners!

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